Technical data
B 03
H 03
M 01, M02, M03
MR 03
MR 33
R 03
R 33
S 03
S 33
T 03
TB 4500 C

:: Bimetal Thermostat B03 High Temperature Regulator ::

The TB 450 is a temperature regulator-limitor, of automatic reset, that uses the bimetal snap-disc technology
It is specially designed for applications where high temperatures are needed, with a maximum of 4500C (permanent).
Its special design, thought to work in a high range of temperatures, allows the use of different basic materials related to thermic classification. That makes our thermostat a really technically competitive and economical alternative in its big range of application.

Where a reliable an economical thermostat is needed. Its ceramic body and the materials it is made of makes it specially recommended for:
  • Hotplates
  • Cookers
  • And other domestic appliances
And it is also highly recommended for:
  • Coffee machines
  • Heaters
  • Radiators

Technical data

Max. Permanent Ta Voltage Current Dielectric Strength Switch operations Contact Resistance
450 0C 250 V 10 A 3 000 V 100 000 < 50 mOhm

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