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Our main business is thermal circuit breakers, thermal switches, bimetal thermostats, high temperature regulators, thermal protectors and connectors as well as temperature limiters, time distributors and start-up relays. We have been improving our products for many years to assure high quality and unfailing operation.

Thermal switches , bimetal thermostats, high temperature regulators, thermal protectors are used in a wide range of electrical devices whose normal work is characterised by significant increases in temperature what may lead to thermal damages in device isolation. A correctly chosen thermal switch can guarantee to keep temperature below the acceptable value which was assumed in a design stage of the device.

Due to diversified and flexible production process we can offer a wide range of automatic and non-automatic thermal switches and many other products.

The principle of operation consists in strokewise deformation of bimetallic sensor after a defined temperature level is exceeded and disconnection of electric circuit. After decrease of temperature level the sensor returns strokewise to its initial position and the circuit gets connected again.

Application of the Thermal Circuit-Breakers

The thermal switches are applied for many devices to protect them against damage which may be caused by excessive increase of their temperature, e.g. for:
  • electric motors where in manufacturing phase of the motors the Thermal Circuit-Breakers are placed in their stator winding: the Thermal Circuit-Breakers are applied to many kinds of electric motors starting with the smallest ones (for household appliances,washing machines,coffee mills,vacuum cleaners etc.) and ending with motors of significant power where the switches operates in the control system of motors,
  • transformers, where the Thermal Circuit-Breakers are stuck to the winding and are connected in series with the winding,
  • power rectifiers where the Thermal Circuit-Breakers are mounted in radiators in order to protect rectifying diodes,
  • water heaters - as additional protection in casa of a regulator break-down,
  • heir dryers where the Thermal Circuit-Breakers protect healing element,
  • audiofrequency power amplifiers where most often the Thermal Circuit-Breakers are mounted to the radiators of final power factors in order to protect power terminal against overheating, the Thermal Circuit-Breakers cut off the feeding of final power factors,
  • plunger heaters where the Thermal Circuit-Breakers disconnect the circuit in case the water is boiled out,
  • electric kettles,
  • electric heaters ect.

Except to Thermal Circuit-Breakers we offer also the following products and services:


multicontact connectors


analogue temperature controllers


temperature controllers with digital read-out


technological consulting


consulting services in the area of construction
and manufacturing technology of new products

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